Join us on a journey through Singapore from past to present. Over the course of the night tour, we will undertake an in-depth exploration of Singapore’s history and development. We will start our journey with the founding of Modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles and progress through time to the present day. We will learn about the incredible development of Singapore over the last 60 years and about modern day life for the average Singaporean.

This private night tour of Singapore is just for you and your friends/family. No one else will join your tour. You can bring a maximum of 12 people on your tour. Private day to night tours can be booked any day of the week and can start any time between 2 pm and 4:30 pm Sunday to Thursday and any time from 2 pm to 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Tours last 4.5 hours and finish in Chinatown.

Things to do in Singapore at night bumboat river cruise tour.

Things to do in Singapore at night bumboat river cruise tour.


Available in Chinese and English.
Includes River Cruise, Hawker dinner & Tea Ceremony.
Hotel pick-up available.


We start our Singapore night tour in the Civic District where will we visit some of the historic colonial buildings and learn about the early pioneers who came to Singapore to make a living. We will then board a bumboat and take a 30-minute cruise down the river through to the present day. We visit Merlion Park and soak in the sunset view of Marina Bay whilst learning about the mega construction project behind it.

Our journey through time progresses by bus to a residential district. We will discuss the political reform by The Founding Father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and discover how Singapore went from third-world to first-world in one generation. We will be accessing the roof of a Housing development Board (HDB) residential building from where we will get the most amazing birds-eye view of downtown Singapore.

The fourth stop of our night tour of Singapore is the famous Maxwell Hawker Centre in Chinatown where we will enjoy Singapore’s most iconic dish; Chicken Rice. We will wash it down with a freshly squeezed Sugar Cane juice; a real hit on our tours! Your guide will teach you Hawker Centre etiquette and point out all of the must-try foods in Singapore. We will make sure that you know how to eat like a local for the remainder of your time in Singapore.

After dinner, we retreat to a beautiful tea house for a traditional tea tasting experience. You will learn the art of the tea ceremony and try the Imperial tea that Queen Elizabeth II was served in the very same tea house. You’ll receive a small souvenir to take home to remember the experience.





All prices listed are in US$ and are the total price for the tour.

1-2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People 8 People
4.5 Hours 395 475 555 630 700 770 840
5 Hours (Hotel Pick Up) 430 510 605 680 750 820 905

The price includes the Singapore River Cruise (SG$25), entrance to the roof of a HDB building, a chicken rice meal, sugar cane juice and traditional tea tasting experience. Prices listed do not include the costs of transport to get to and from the start and end points of the tour. They do include the costs of public transport used during the tours. The fee for the hotel pick up also includes the cost of the taxi which will be used to take you to the start point of the Singapore night tour. You can bring a maximum of 15 people on your tour. For numbers over 8 people please add USD$60 per person. There is a small surcharge of US$33 for children aged 5 to 11 years. Children aged 4 and under join the tour for free.



This tour is packed full of ‘must see’ and ‘must do’ highlights. We cover some very interesting historical and political subjects and can go as deep or as light as you like on them. Our promise is to keep it fun and informative.

If you are a vegetarian we promise to get you something to eat at the Hawker Centre but we can not guarantee what will be available, it might be quite basic (like rice and veg). If the rooftop of The Pinnacle is closed due to bad weather we will take you to a different HDB building. If the teahouse is closed we will have a bigger dinner section.

This tour requires you to be able to walk 6 km at a slow casual pace. If you tire easily we can cut down walking by taking the occasional taxi ride (payable at your own cost).


WHEN/TIME: Day to night tours last 4.5 hours or 5 hours if you book the extra half an hour for hotel pick up. Private day to night tours can start any time between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm on Sundays to Thursdays and any time up to 6.00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

STARTING POINT: Outside City Hall MRT Station. Directions, maps and pictures for the meeting point are sent upon booking. If you book a private tour and add on an extra half an hour we can meet you in your hotel lobby.

END POINT: The Teahouse located in the Chinatown.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: All tours take place come rain or shine. We strongly advise you to bring an umbrella as it does rain in Singapore on most days!