Ask any Singaporean what their favourite past time is and they will say eating. Eat like a local on a private food tour and discover why Singaporeans love their food so much!

Private food tours can be booked any day of the week and can start at any time between 9 am and 3 pm. Singapore food tours start in the East Coast/Katong area of Singapore. Full details on the meeting point are provided upon booking. Alternatively, book an ‘extra half an hour for hotel pick up’ and have your guide come and collect you from your hotel lobby. Tours last 5.5 hours (6 if you have added on the extra half an hour for hotel pick up) and finish in Little India. Your guide will help you get back to your hotel or another point of interest.


Eat like a local on a food tour.
Culturally immersive experience.

Hotel pick-up available.


Over the course of the food tour, we will undertake an in-depth exploration of Singapore’s food culture. You will learn about the history of food in Modern Singapore, from it’s founding in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles through to the present day. With a permanent resident population of 2.9 million Chinese, 500,000 Malays and 350,000 Indians Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. It is that melting pot that we will dive into and re-emerge from with full bellies!

We start our food tour in the East Coast Area of Singapore, a district also known as Katong. It is here that we learn about the early Chinese immigrants to Singapore. The focus will be on food but we will also talk about the types of jobs that they had, how they lived and who they married. It was through the marriage of Chinese immigrants to Malay ladies that the distinctive Peranakan culture was born. In this district, we will enjoy a selection of Singapore’s favourite foods with Chinese and Peranakan heritage including Kaya Toast or Curry Puff and Kopi, Bak Chang, Kuehs and Laksa.

From the East Coast, we travel by public bus to the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. The Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is a firm favourite amongst Singaporeans. Why? Because it is home to so many ‘hawker legends’. It is here that we try one or two distinctly Singaporean dishes from a choice of Hokkien Mee, Rojak, Popiah and Carrot Cake.

Our next stop is the district of Kampong Glam, a short 10-minute bus ride away. Kampong Glam is the centre of the Malay community in Singapore and is where the stunning Sultan’s Mosque is located. We will discuss the history of the district, the Sultan’s role in the founding of Modern Singapore and we will try the most popular local foods from the Malay, Arabic and Indonesian communities. Teh Tarrik, Beef Rendang and Murtabak are options on our foodie menu.

Our fourth and final stop on our food tour of Singapore is Little India. We will discover why the Indian community choose to settle in this district of Singapore and learn about how it developed over time. We will be trying a popular savoury Indian dish called Dosa and then finishing with some Indian sweets and / or Masala Milk.





All prices listed are in US$ and are the total price for the tour.

1-2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People 8 People
5.5 hours meet in Katong 425 500 575 645 710 775 840
6 Hours with hotel pick up 460 535 625 695 760 825 905

The price includes all of the food and speciality drinks consumed during the tour. Prices listed do not include the costs of transport to get to and from the start and end points of the tour but do include the costs of public transport used during the tour. On certain days some of the food stops might be closed. We guarantee at least 10+ foodie tastings on each tour. In the case of closures, we order more selections or larger portions in other stops. You can bring a maximum of 12 people on your tour. For numbers over 8 people please add USD$45 per person. There is a small surcharge of US$33 for children aged 6 to 11 years. Children aged 5 and under join the tour and eat for free. If you would like to be picked up from your hotel you will need to add on an extra half an hour when booking. The fee for the extra half an hour also includes the cost of the taxi which will be used to take you to the start point of the Singapore food tour. This price varies according to group size.



Throughout the tour, you will discover the histories and stories behind the foods that we eat, as well as the restaurants that you eat them in. This tour will give you a solid understanding of what it means to ‘eat like a local’ and how Singapore’s iconic dishes became embedded into Singapore’s culture.


WHEN/TIME: Private food tours can run on any day of the week. Food tours last 5.5 hours or 6 hours if you book the extra half an hour for hotel pick up. Private Singapore food tours can start at any time between 9 am and 3 pm.

STARTING POINT: Near the first food stop which is in the East Coast/Katong district of Singapore. Directions, maps and pictures for the meeting point are sent upon booking. If you add on an extra half an hour we can meet you in your hotel lobby.

END POINT: Little India (instructions on how to get back to your hotel or to your next activity will be provided by your guide).

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: There is a wide variety of foods and ingredients in this tour. If you are unable to consume any of the following then it does mean that you will NOT be able to eat/drink everything on the tour: milk, meat, pork, prawns, fish, wheat/gluten, spice. If you are unable to consume several of those foods then you may prefer to opt for a customised tour rather than a food tour. We have taken people on the tour who have not been able to eat many of the foods and they have still enjoyed the tour as there is a lot of cultural and historical information but we would suggest that a non-food tour would be a better option.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: All tours take place come rain or shine. We strongly advise you to bring an umbrella as it does rain in Singapore on most days!