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You've got questions and we've got answers. Check below for the most frequently asked questions that we get from our visitors. If you have something on your mind that isn't listed in the FAQ below please contact us and we'll be happy to answer you! We try to respond to all emails with 24 hours during the working week but when we are especially busy it may take us a little longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions


General questions

+ How much walking is involved in a walking tour?

Walking tours by their nature involve quite a lot of walking! We do schedule in rest breaks and toilet stops but you should be prepared to spend the majority of the duration of your tour either walking or standing. You should also be aware that Singapore is a hot and humid city so you need to be prepared with sunscreen and water. If you have health or mobility issues you should book a private tour so that we can plan a route and itinerary for you which is appropriate for your needs. All of our Singapore walking tours are designed for enjoyment and we do go at a leisurely pace, (believe us we don’t want to be rushing around any more then you do), so as long as you are in reasonable health you shouldn’t have any problems with the amount of walking involved.

+ Do you offer car tours?

Yes we do! Car tours are ideal for those who have difficulty walking, families with small children, people who find the humidity difficult to contend with and for those who tire more easily. Our vans can seat a maximum of 12 passengers plus the guide and driver.

If you also have luggage the maximum is 8 passengers plus the guide and driver.

If you are a larger group please contact us for a quote, we do have a 23 seat coach available as well as 44 seater.

+ Are your tours wheelchair/pushchair friendly?

Some of the routing on the small group tours is not wheelchair and pushchair friendly. If you are in a wheelchair or are bringing a pram/pushchair with you we advise you to take a private tour with us and we will design a route for you that is suitable for you.

+ Do you cater for children?

Yes, we do! All of our tours are child-friendly. Our guides love children and will go out of their way to make sure they have a great time! That said the routes are not pram/pushchair friendly in all places so if you are bringing children with you on a small group tour they do need to be old enough to walk and to be in a group environment for the duration of the walking tour. If you have a pram/pushchair please book a private tour so that the guide can modify the routing for you where necessary.

+ What languages are your tours in?

All of our small group Singapore tours are conducted in English. We are also able to offer private tours in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

+ Do you take your guests to jewellery stores, factory outlets and other shops?

Absolutely not. We do not visit any such shops on any of our Singapore walking tours. We do not take commissions from any establishments at all. Furthermore, the restaurants which we use have been selected solely because we think they are the best that Singapore has to offer and not for any other reason. We do not take commissions or kickbacks or even discounts from any of them. If you do want to do some shopping we are happy to make recommendations for you. If you book a private tour we can even take you shopping but we will only take you to shops that we think suit your requirements and not shops that offer us or our guides any personal gain.

+ What is included in the price of the tour?

If you book a tour that has inclusions such as the food tour or night tour, the listed inclusions are included in the tour price. On our walking tours the costs of public transport (MRT, bus) is included but if you wish to use any taxi it would be payable by yourself. On our car tours the costs of your private hire vehicle and driver are included. The costs of drinks, snacks, meals, souvenirs etc are not included. If you want to stop off at a convenience store and buy yourself a drink or snack then this is of course at your own expense.

+ I have dietary restrictions, can I still join the food tour?

If you have dietary restrictions the best thing to do is to send us an email letting us know what you can not eat and we will advise you on how much of the food we try contains ingredients that you can not eat. If you can eat most things we will advise you to come to the Singapore food tour and we will let you know what to avoid. If you will be heavily affected we will advise you not to take a food tour but to book a customised tour instead.

+ If I book a private tour can you take me to big attractions like Universal Studios?

We do not take people to places like Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium or the Night Safari because we would not be able to add any value to your day. To put it simply you would be wasting your money if you hired us to take you to a theme park. Instead, we focus on introducing you to the real Singapore, by taking you down back streets and alleyways which you wouldn’t normally go down yourself, by explaining the culture, the history and the way of life to you. All of these big attractions are easy to get to, your hotel will be able to explain to you how to get there on public transport which is very efficient and straightforward to use. If you don’t fancy public transport you can take a taxi.

+ I normally take a Big Bus Tour in all of the cities I visit and I think they are great, why would I take a Hello Singapore walking tour?

We also like a Big Bus tour and think that they give you a good feel of the geography and layout of the city and ensure that you ‘see’ all of the main points of interest in a day. Hop on hop off also gives you a great way of travelling between points of interest without having to worry about getting lost on public transport! What the Big Bus tour will not do however is show you the ‘real’ Singapore. It will not take you to meet local business owners or to discover hidden parks down alleyways. It will not explain the culture of Singapore to you, or point out hawker restaurants that surprisingly have Michelin stars! If you like Big Bus tours then take one in Singapore (we have and we enjoyed it) but take a tour with us as well and let us introduce you to a few places that the Big Bus tour will not.

+ I actually live in Singapore, can I take one of your Singapore walking tours?

Of course! We get countless guests joining us who live in Singapore. Many people take one or two of our tours as a way to get acquainted with Singapore when they have recently moved here.

Deciding which tour

+ All of your Singapore tours sound interesting so I am not sure which one to take. If I take more then one will I get the same information on each?

No, all of our Singapore tours have different content so you do not have to worry about hearing the same information twice. We do cover a few basic facts about Singapore on each tour but the vast majority of the content is different. In fact, we recommend taking more than one Singapore tour to give you a real insight into Singapore.

Booking a tour

+ How do I book a Hello Singapore tour?

Please use our online booking system to book your tour. Follow the ‘click here to book’ buttons on the page of the website for the tour that you would like to take or use the ‘Quick Book’ page. Once you have booked a Hello Singapore tour you will receive an email confirming all of the details of your tour. This will include a reminder on what to wear and details, including a map, to the meeting point. It will also include our contact details should you have any issues on the day.

+ What happens once I have booked a tour?

Once you have booked a Hello Singapore tour you will receive an email confirming all of the details of your tour. This will include a reminder on what to wear, what to bring and your Singapore tour guides picture and contact details.

Going on a tour

+ What should I wear?

On all tours, you should wear comfortable flat shoes. It is very humid in Singapore so wear light-weight clothes and be prepared for rain. It does rain most days so an umbrella is essential.

+ Do I need to bring anything with me?

The main thing you need to bring is yourself in a good pair of comfortable shoes! We recommend that you bring some cash in case you want to stop off and buy a drink from a convenience store, and your camera to take pictures. Make sure that you have an umbrella, your hotel should be able to lend you one, if not we can show you where to buy one cheaply. And bring water! At least one litre per person. You will sweat a lot in Singapore so it is essential that you stay well hydrated.

+ Can I take pictures on the tour?

We actively encourage picture taking on Hello Singapore walking tours, we want you to go home with as many memories as possible. We are always happy to take pictures of you for you.

+ What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my tour?

Come rain or sunshine our walking tours continue and we always have a great day no matter what the weather. Just bring an umbrella!

+ Does the tour end at the same place as it starts?

If you have a booked a Private Customised Tour we will come and pick you up at your hotel and drop you off there at the end of the tour. If you have booked onto a Small Group Tour it will not start and end in the same place. Once the tour has finished we can give you directions back to your hotel or to any other location that you would like to go to. We recommend always carrying a few cards with your hotel name and address on as this will make it easier to take a taxi. Once you have booked your tour we will email you directions to the meeting point.

+ Do I need to tip the tour guide?

If you have enjoyed your Hello Singapore walking tour and think that the guide has provided a good service it is common practice to tip. The standard tipping is 10 – 15%. Whilst our guides greatly appreciate gratuities they will NEVER ask for them.